Samsung utilizzerà Tizen su tutte le Smart TV nel 2015 | Ufficiale

Samsung utilizzerà Tizen su tutte le Smart TV nel 2015 | Ufficiale

Samsung lavora da anni sulla piattaforma smart Tizen; questa è destinata ad essere utilizzata su una varietà di dispositivi come smartphone, tablet, televisori e altri dispositivi intelligenti.
Se a breve sarà il turno del primo smartphone, Samsung ha intanto annunciato che tutte le sue Smart TV nel 2015 saranno basate sul sistema operativo Tizen.

Samsung sostiene che la nuova piattaforma basata su Tizen permette un più facile sviluppo di applicazioni intelligenti e l’interfaccia Smart Hub ridisegnata consente navigazioni più semplici.
Le televisioni possono ora sincronizzare i dati e contenuti con altri dispositivi Samsung che utilizzano Wi-Fi Direct e Bluetooth. Gli utenti possono anche guardare la televisione in diretta sul loro smartphone e tablet, anche quando il televisore è spento.

In alcuni paesi ono fruibili servizi come Samsung Sport live, Sony PlayStation Now, e Samsung Milk Video. Samsung Sport live permette di guardare lo sport trasmisso in diretta con statistiche vitali circa partite e giocatori. Sony PlayStation Now consente agli utenti di trasmettere oltre 200 giochi direttamente dal Cloud, senza la necessità di acquistare una console di gioco usando il controller DualShock 4.
Samsung Milk Video è una rassegna di interessanti e popolari video clip da oltre 50 partner.

Tizen TV All Share Framework

Tizen TV (Prototipo)

Comunicato Stampa

Las Vegas, Nev. – December 31, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., announced today that all of its Smart TVs in 2015 will come equipped with its new platform built around the Tizen operating system. Tizen, a standardized open-source platform, enables flexibility with even more content and devices, allowing developers to easily create compatible content, while connecting users to a world of limitless entertainment possibilities.

“Building our Smart Platform around Tizen is a groundbreaking step towards a much more intelligent and integrated system,” said Won Jin Lee, Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Tizen not only enriches the entertainment experience for our customers today, but unlocks great potential for the future in home entertainment.”

Simple and Easy Intuitive Access

The redesigned Smart Hub is displayed on one screen enabling easy navigation and quick access. The new Smart Hub features easy access to content, with the first screen displaying your most recent content and tailored content recommendations for even more entertainment options. It also has optimized four-direction control that is both playful and responsive.

Another important update to the system is how easily the TV now syncs with other devices. Using Wi-Fi Direct, content is seamlessly shared from a mobile device to a TV and vice-versa with just one click. With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Samsung’s Smart TV software automatically searches for Samsung mobile devices nearby and connects to them. This easy convergence has exciting potential—users can enjoy a multi-screen experience with access to entertainment across multiple compatible devices. Users can also watch live broadcasts or TV on their mobile devices, anywhere on their home network, even when their TV is powered off.

Integrated, Seamless Entertainment Experience

The way society consumes entertainment in 2015 has evolved and now includes multiple devices and endless content from a variety of sources. Recognizing this shift, Samsung’s new platform was designed to deliver an integrated entertainment experience that is at once streamlined and powerful. Key contents partnerships include:

· Samsung Sports Live allows users to watch live games while simultaneously checking team and player stats on the same screen. Samsung has also partnered with global games companies for a large and varied games catalogue.
· The PlayStation Now cloud-streaming game service available in North America offers PlayStation gaming on Samsung Smart TVs with no PlayStation console needed. With PlayStation Now on Samsung Smart TVs, users can play hundreds of PlayStation®3 games simply by pairing their TVs with DUALSHOCK 4 controllers.
· The popular dance game Just Dance Now, in partnership with Ubisoft, is available globally on Samsung Smart TVs. Users will be able to play and dance in front of their TVs using the Samsung Smart Remote and Samsung mobile devices. The game supports multiple players, so even more friends and family can join in the fun.
· Bingo HOME: Race to Earth is a gaming title for the new DreamWorks Animation movie HOME and features progressive bingo that includes casual, shared gaming on the TV and smart devices already found in the home. The technology is a new innovative eco-system pioneered by Samsung and Yahoo for multi-screen interaction in the living room.

· Samsung’s own Milk Video curates the most popular and interesting video clips from websites to give users access to premium content from a growing list of almost 50 content partners. To help users discover even more fun content, Samsung’s On TV feature helps users discover new content easily with intuitive recommendations.

More Choices than Ever Before

Samsung’s platform powered by Tizen allows Samsung Smart TVs to become part of a much larger content ecosystem, and allows easy collaboration with diverse partners for ultimate flexibility and unparalleled access.

Tizen’s compatibility with other devices establishes Samsung’s Smart TVs as the control center of any Smart Home. Samsung’s new Smart TV with Tizen sets the standard for future Smart TVs, redefining the entertainment experience.